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HR and Careers 


Due to the nature of the industries in which WasteServ operates, it employs contract staff to meet its obligations and provide flexibility to its labour force.

WasteServ recognises that its staff is an important asset of the company. For this reason WasteServ is guided by five key principles:


  • - transparency

  • - accountability

  • - performance

  • - best practices

  • - teamwork

WasteServ is committed to the process of organisational development in the broadest sense. The productivity of WasteServ's management and staff is also a keen focus area. Ensuring that jobs are well-structured within clear lines of responsibility and that they are correctly priced is crucial. Training of staff within the context of their job is fundamental, as is training them for their next job.

Succession planning is an integral part of WasteServ's management process and is carried out along the following process:

  • - identifying the “critical positions” where WasteServ needs to have a readily available

  • - source of - replacement personnel

  • - drawing up a list of potential successors for these roles; measuring progress made

  • - on an individual’s development plan as represented by their readiness to take on

  • - the challenge.

In South Africa, special attention is applied to employment equity. It is clearly understood that agreed targets will not be met unless a multi-faceted approach to this challenge is adopted. It is designed to identify black employees with demonstrated potential, taking them out of their normal work place for a period of up to two years to work closely with and be mentored by the current senior management team. During this time they are given real responsibilities to learn and deliver.

WasteServ's investment in this programme will help provide a range of trained and experienced black employees who will be ready and able to take on managerial positions.

Although WasteServ is not impacted by HIV/AIDS in any material way, it continues to express concern as to the effect HIV/AIDS is having on the South African society and in the workplace. To help protect and equip its staff to deal with this issue, an HIV/AIDS awareness training campaign was taken to every employee in WasteServ during 2011.


For more information regarding careers at WasteServ, please email:

  • Limpopo Province 

  • Mpumalanga Province 

  • North West Province 

  • Free State Province 

  • Gauteng Province 

Our Footprint 

With a National Footprint across 5 Provinces in South Africa. We also extend our services within the SADC region and African Union. 

Your Service Options  

  • Waste Management, Recycling 

  • Waste Minimisation, Dry Waste Removal 

  • Toxic Waste Treatment and Disposal 

  • Hydrocarbon Spill Response


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