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Wasteserv Health and Safety

Health and Safety 



WasteServ recognises the impact that its activities may have on its employees, the environment and nearby communities.  The company commits itself to sustainable development by operating with due regard for economic, social, cultural, quality and environmental concerns.




“To ensure that the relevant Safety, Health and Environment risks are identified and controlled so that employees, Contractors, visitors and Others can be protected from those risks”


WasteServ commits itself to the following:


  • Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, standards and other requirements.

  • Communicate openly with its employees, elected representatives and affected parties to promote a system of enhanced Occupational Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality management;

  • Identify and evaluate Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental hazards and risks, and setting, reviewing, documenting and maintaining of Objectives and Targets to reduce these risks to prevent pollution, injury, or ill health to the employees.

  • Quality objectives and targets are established and in doing so, to strive for continuous improvement.

  • Follow a process of risk management that will continuously reduce the health and safety and environmental risks associated with the company’s business activities;

  • Develop remedial actions and emergency response plans.

  • Provide the necessary resources including training of employees in order to encourage greater responsibility;

  • Reduce and control all forms of potential pollution, in particular water and air pollution.

  • Minimise waste, develop and encourage opportunities for recycling, recovery and rehabilitation

  • Promote the efficient use of water, raw materials, natural resources and energy resources.

  • Encourage associated companies, suppliers, contractors and customers to adopt responsible Safety, Health and Environmental Practices.

  • Liaise with employees, regulatory authorities and all other interested and affected parties on a regular basis in order to promote constructive interaction in matters of common concern;

  • Monitor and review performance of the Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality management programs through regular audits and assessments;

  • Apply continuous improvement to Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality management performance.


The Safety, Health Environmental and Quality Policy is made available to interested parties on request.










  • Limpopo Province 

  • Mpumalanga Province 

  • North West Province 

  • Free State Province 

  • Gauteng Province 

Our Footprint 

With a National Footprint across 5 Provinces in South Africa. We also extend our services within the SADC region and African Union. 

Your Service Options  

  • Waste Management, Recycling 

  • Waste Minimisation, Dry Waste Removal 

  • Toxic Waste Treatment and Disposal 

  • Hydrocarbon Spill Response


Super Link, Tipper Trucks, Skip Trucks 

Super Sucker, Compactor, Waste Bins 


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Quick Contact 


+27 86 727 2272

1350 Ti Tsang Wang Crescent, BHS 1020

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